We’re going paperless

Currently, when there’s something we need to communicate, we post you a letter and the chances are you probably receive a lot of post from other providers too.

To try and cut down on the amount of paper we send, we’re going to start using email as our main way to communicate with you. And all the really important information will be made available on the platform for you to view securely. Not only will this reduce the amount of post you receive from us, we believe environmentally it’s the right thing to do, helping to minimise the amount of paper and ink we use.

If you're happy to receive communications by email, but you think your email address might be out of date, please complete the form below and we’ll make sure our records are updated.

If you’d prefer to continue to receive paper communications, you can also use the form to update this.

Please note there are some documents such as annual Client Tax Vouchers that we’re required by the regulator to send to you in the post and we’ll continue to do this.

We’re very conscious of the need to keep your data secure and only to use it for agreed purposes.  We treat all of your personal data in accordance with our Client Privacy Policy.

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