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Your proposition and processes are the foundations of the service you deliver for your clients. We’ve published significant research on the use of Centralised Retirement Propositions as well as in-depth interviews with your peers to bring you practical insights.

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For 2021’s first assembly, Next Wealth’s Heather Hopkins, who researched Ascentric’s 2nd annual Centralised Retirement Proposition (CRP) report took us through what’s changed in the exceptional circumstances of the past year. She was joined by Lift Financial’s Jonny Stubbs and Ascentric’s John Allen in a lively discussion on what that means for Paraplanners.


As regulation of sustainable and responsible investment advice looks more likely, we’re taking advisers on a deep-dive into the world of responsible investing – with a five-part webinar series explaining what the different disciplines involve and how to build a practical responsible investment proposition.


I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone if they’re finding it a hard thought to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into the FCA’s Finalised Guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers. However, its arrival is arguably very timely because the last 18 months or so have really brought home why client vulnerability is such an important, and very real, issue.


Our In-Focus series looks at how advisers have adapted to the ongoing pandemic and particularly the challenges – and opportunities – that this has created for firms when it comes to engaging new clients


Our latest survey on centralised retirement propositions has shown that - when it comes to planning in retirement - firms are increasingly interested in adopting a centrally agreed approach to cashflow modelling, determining income withdrawals and assessing client risk tolerance. But what are firms’ preferences for investment strategies for their retiree clients?


As we’ve reported, our latest report on Centralised Retirement Propositions, in partnership with consultants NextWealth, reveals around 50% of advisory firms in the UK now have a centrally agreed approach to planning in retirement. This ranges from a centralised approach to cashflow modelling and calculating client withdrawals, to tools for determining tolerance and attitude to risk in retirement.


As planning in retirement is becoming more complex – and more in demand – a growing number of firms are choosing to centralise and standardise their approach to retirement advice. We’ve been plotting this trend over the past two years in the Centralised Retirement Propositions report, created in partnership with consultants NextWealth.


Our research indicates that advice firms that have implemented a Centralised Retirement Proposition (CRP) may have fared better during the past year than those without a CRP. The research carried out for us by NextWealth, based on a survey of 200 advice firms, reveals that those with a CRP in place are more likely to say they gained more clients than usual in 2020 compared to those without.


The new rules outlined in the FCA’s Retirement Options 2019 review were just one set of regulations knocked off course by the coronavirus pandemic, with implementation delayed until 1 February 2021.


This latest article focuses in on the pension death benefit rules, which were extended in 2015 and, as a result, can act as a potential source of intergenerational income. We take a technical look at the careful balance of information and detail advisers and clients must get right in order to avoid some of the regular problems which can impact if and how pension benefits are passed on.

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