Centralised Retirement Propositions

2 min read 7 Sep 20

There’s been an increase in regulatory scrutiny of the suitability of retirement advice and we only expect this to intensify. This is a key reason why financial advice firms are focusing on having a rigorous approach to advice for clients in retirement.

A centralised retirement proposition (CRP) is one way of establishing and agreeing an approach to advice.

It can also prove an invaluable tool to help reassure clients during times of market volatility and investor uncertainty.

We asked research specialists NextWealth to carry out an extensive survey of 200 firms, including many who’ve implemented a CRP. We explored the ways they define a CRP, their rationale and approaches to adopting one and the component tools they use. We interviewed a number of planners in depth to find out how they believe CRPs can benefit both their business and their clients.

Download a copy of the complete Research Report published in March this year to find out what other firms have done and how they are approaching retirement advice.

Or take a look at this new, short guide based on the research. It walks through some of the key findings and highlights some practical considerations.

We hope it gives you some food for thought, if you’re considering implementing a centrally agreed approach to retirement planning.

Each firm and its clients are different, so a suitable solution for your clients and your business will be unique.

Get your copy of CRP – Creating a framework

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