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We all need to get better at advising people on long-term care

The options for funding long-term care can be complex and often hard for families and individuals to understand, making the role of advice – whether it be financial advice, advice from a solicitor or a local council – absolutely crucial.

But, as things currently stand, those involved in the advice process are actually at risk of collectively failing these people who are already facing challenging and emotional circumstances


Is your approach to capacity for loss in need of a dust-off?

Against a backdrop of regulatory reviews and numerous market jolts from coronavirus, the remainder of 2020 could be the perfect time to brush up your processes and approach to assessing capacity for loss with clients.


Property funds and CIPs

With the FCA’s consultation on open ended property funds now well underway, there’s plenty of speculation about potential outcomes. Following the third widespread suspension of these funds in the last 12 years the FCA is seeking feedback on whether investors should face a 90 or 180 day notice period for redemptions.