Working with the Platform Consulting team

We spoke to Alan Boswell & Company Ltd. about their experience of our Platform Consulting Team, here is what they had to say.

Having used Ascentric for several years we undertook a full Service & Process Review in 2016 with the Platform Consulting Team. Our aim being to gain a better understanding of how we could use the platform more efficiently, to help identify any shortfalls in our staff knowledge base and to bridge these gaps, and finally to re-define our own internal process to ensure all platform client business was dealt with in a fast and efficient manner.

During this period we found the Consulting Team to be both professional and courteous. They strived to better understand our business and as result have introduced a change in some of our internal processes, enabling us to better manage client assets on the platform and they also identified and provided training to bridge any knowledge gaps.

The service was very thorough and in depth, as a result of which, we move forward with Ascentric with a streamlined and cost effective approach to doing business together.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services offered by the Ascentric Platform Training & Consulting Team.

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