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Justin Blower, Head of Sales, Ascentric

     Justin Blower
     Head of Sales & Marketing, Ascentric


 The information contained in this page is for professional Financial Adviser use only.

In my last update I promised to let you know if there were any changes to our target date of 26 November for the next phase of the move.

Our priority has always been to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. So in response to adviser feedback and in line with our phased approach to migration, we will now be splitting the move of SIPP clients over two tranches. The first phase, targeted for 26 November, will include clients in accumulation. The second phase, targeted for early January, will include clients in decumulation.

This is still within the move 'window' of mid-November to early January that we recently wrote and told your clients about.

Now moving in early January are the following groups of clients:-

  • Those who have taken taxable income in the current (2018/19) tax year,
  • Any associated family groups,
  • Those who use the services of a bespoke Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM)

Clients who are not in these groups will be moved on the original target date of 26 November.

Using two platforms over the Christmas period

Important please read >> For a short time you may have some clients on the old platform and some on the new platform. You'll be familiar with dealing with more than one platform in your day-to-day business, and this will be no different. Note that each platform is independent of the other. For example, each has its own set of supporting literature, generates its own fees and produces things like statements, separately. Please take time to read our top tips for managing clients on both platforms.

Key deadlines coming up

For the safety of you and your clients, temporary measures will be introduced in preparation for the January move. To minimise disruption, this will likely take place over the Christmas period. We'll provide you with further details as soon as they're available. And please remember that certain functionality is unavailable ahead of the next phase in November – see details of important deadlines.

Thank you again for your support at this time. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping the new platform. There are exciting times ahead with the benefits that the new platform will bring.

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