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Justin Blower, Head of Sales and Marketing, Ascentric


        Justin Blower

        Head of Sales and Marketing, Ascentric


The information contained in this page is for professional Financial Adviser use only.

This may be your first experience of the new platform or you may have been using it for several months already. Wherever you are on your replatforming journey, there are some important things that you should do and be aware of, following the latest phase of the move.

Here is your watch list to help you through the initial days:-

Your starting point

As well as our online training hub, other resources are available to help you on the dedicated support page. This is where you’ll find the new platform URL and details of how to activate your new login credentials, if this is your first time.

Managing two platforms

You may have some clients on the old platform and some clients on the new platform for the time being. Here are our top tips for managing clients on both platforms. To find out if any of your clients have not moved, run the ‘all client wrappers’ report in the admin reporting part of the old platform. Or alternatively, to confirm which clients have moved, run the ‘all client accounts’ report in the reports hub on the new platform.

Back office preparation

We’ve been working with major back office providers to ensure that they’re geared up to align with the new platform for this move. What you need to do depends on which back office provider you use. Find out more.

Check models

Our advice is to do some essential housekeeping of models before the first rebalance on the new platform.

Be sure to check:

  • Model name and reference
  • Model assets and their % split
  • Model risk & aim

And be aware that you’ll need to maintain any models on both platforms for a period, until all your clients have moved.

Helping your clients

The new, enhanced platform will be easier for online clients to navigate, but if they need a helping hand, this dedicated area of the website provides an introduction.

Managing cash

Remember to ensure that there is sufficient cash available in all client accounts to cover fees, charges and any other income requirements.

What’s different?

Once you’re up and running, find details of changes to your business practices triggered by the new platform in this factsheet, based on feedback from users. And see here for information specifically relating to managing SIPPs.

So there are plenty of resources available for you and your teams to make a start. We recommend keeping an eye on the new platform updates section of the new platform for the latest information. And please let us know how things are going – your feedback is invaluable to ensure we focus on the areas that are most important to you.

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