A smooth change

Making sure the switch from one platform to another is as smooth as possible for you and your clients is paramount. So we are putting in place a phased plan to manage the rollout and guide you through the change.

A phased rollout: What it means in practice

It means…

  • We have phased the move to the new platform so we can manage the migration in a careful and controlled way.
  • We have split the migration by product.  We initially went live with selected advisers who have a reasonable number of ISA / GIA and third party product clients.
  • Clients or family groups with an Ascentric SIPP will follow in a later release.
  • There is currently a period when some advisers are using both the existing and new platforms. This will stop once all the adviser’s clients have moved to the new platform.




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Lady planning Ascentric's roll out plans for the new platform

What happens next?

The next phase of the move is due to take place soon, and will mean the majority of advisers are using the new system. 

We will actively contact you when your clients are due to migrate.

We plan that by the time the next phase goes live...


hours of adviser training will have been attended


tests will have been run on the new platform



hours of staff training will have been attended


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I've started using the new platform

If you're an adviser whose clients have already started to move to the new platform, it's time to find out more about the next stage.

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I've not used the new platform yet

If you're an adviser whose clients haven't moved to the new platform, it's time to find out how to get started.

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I'm a Discretionary Fund Manager

If you're a Discretionary Fund Manager who manages clients via either platform then it's time to prepare for the next step.

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