We’ve made some changes

As we continue the work to fully integrate into M&G you’ll see a few changes. In May we replaced our Ascentric email addresses with M&G addresses.

Our latest change is to move our website to M&G technology – improving  functionality and responsiveness to help create a better user experience.

What’s changed

  • When you visit the website, content is optimised in line with the device you use – you’ll get the same experience whatever way you choose to access the information.
  • Greater accessibility
  • We’ve increased the contrast between text, buttons and background colours, which should make the page easier to read and navigate. This is especially relevant for those with visual impairments.
  • We’ve made changes so screen readers can be more easily used on the site.
  • We’ve enhanced the article search function, making it easier to search for articles on the site.
  • The menu bar has been improved and now expands downwards, instead of across, making it much easier to use. The actual menu categories have stayed the same.
  • Some of the existing URLs have been updated, making it easier to search for them on Google.
  • For example we’ve simplified the private investor URL to  www.ascentric.co.uk/private-investors/
  • But we’ve got redirects in place, so if you go to the old link, or have it saved, you’ll still land on the right page.

What’s next

The website is still in the Ascentric brand for now.  We plan to rebrand to M&G wealth later in the year, so keep an eye out for further details about this nearer the time.