The details behind our simplified pricing structure

We know how complicated prices and charges can be for your clients, so for us it’s really important that we keep things as simple as possible. Our new truly transparent 'all-in' structure is designed to make it easier for you and your clients to understand the total cost of ownership, without having to worry about additional costs racking up over time. 

We're proud of the changes we've made to our pricing. Ascentric is the first retail platform to offer a simple, single charge across all wrappers and investments, with no extra fees for any of our services. This includes unlimited trading access to shares, ETFs, investment trusts & bonds through our award-winning stockbroking service.

You can confidently manage each of your clients' portfolios and investments, at any point in time, without worrying about incurring extra charges.

A breakdown of the charge

Your clients will pay a single charge:

On Investments and cash up to and including £1m 0.30%
On Investments and cash from £1m up to and including £3m 0.10%
On Investments and cash from £3m up to and including £5m 0.06%
Minimum charge £15 per month
Charge frequency Deducted monthly, in arrears

Terms for Client Portfolios above £5m in value are available on request.

We’ll even let you group assets for members of the same family together, treating them as one client for charging purposes. This enables them to benefit from overall lower fees as part of a larger portfolio.

All platform charges are inclusive of any taxes that may apply.

Other charges that my clients and I need to be aware of

Our pricing structure is 'all-in' but there are a few other things you need to know about charges to your client. 

Asset charges: Charges will vary dependant on the funds or other assets that your client invests in. You can find the most up to date charges in the fund managers’ information documents, available direct from the fund manager or via the fund research centre on the Ascentric platform.

Discretionary Fund Manager charges: If you appoint a Discretionary Fund Manager for your client, they may apply a charge. However, there is no additional charge from us.

Adviser charges: You can set up your charges through the client’s Ascentric account, or directly via your client. If your client agrees to pay you directly through their Ascentric account, the charges may vary according to the structure you have both agreed.

Third Party Product Account charges: If your client invests in a Third Party Product Account, additional charges may be applied to these Accounts. These are set by the product provider of your client's Third Party Product Account as applicable. Please refer to the product provider’s literature for details of these charges.

Our list of product partners can be found here.

Cash interest: We only charge a platform fee for money held in the cash account. Your client's money will usually be invested in funds and products available on our platform, but from time to time it may be held as cash and therefore may earn interest. We pay all of the interest received on cash deposits back to your client's account.

You can find more information about the latest interest rates here.

Do you need to talk through our pricing with your client?

Everything you need to tell your client about our platform pricing structure is available in one easy-to-print page.

Download a print out version of our platform charges

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