Working towards fully digital journeys

We believe aiming for fully digital journeys, without any paper, is the right thing to do, for the environment, and to make processes faster and more efficient.

The online application process:

  • is designed around you, it’s streamlined, and reduces duplication of data entry
  • includes validation to catch missing information before you submit the application
  • means you can input your fees and investment strategy as you complete the application – so they trigger automatically once the expected money is received

We’ve got a number of online process improvements planned. At the moment, we’re working on:

  • redesigning parts of the online application journey to make it clearer and to minimise errors
  • making it possible for you to amend applications online
  • getting more of our products available via the online system

You’ll hear more from us on this throughout the year.

ISA/GIA/Third Party Product (TPP) applications and transfers online-only from 26 April

As a first step, ISA/GIA/TPP will be online-only from 26 April. From this date, you’ll need to submit all applications and transfers for GIA, ISA and TPP, for new and existing clients, via the online new business process on the platform.

If we receive applications or transfers for these products that haven’t been added online, then we’ll ask you to re-submit them via the platform.

How should you submit business online?

The process you need to follow isn’t changing:

  1. When you’re logged in, go to the ‘new business’ icon on the dashboard
  2. You’ll be prompted to enter all the necessary information
  3. The platform will produce an application pack, which you can save as a PDF
  4. Get the pack signed, or e-signed, by your client
  5. If you need to make changes to the client details, annotate the changes on the application pack. If you need to make changes to the product details you can edit this on the platform.
  6. Email the completed pack to Ascentric

What should you submit via the platform?

Please submit everything you can online. As a quick reminder:

  • You need to submit GIA, ISA, and TPP applications and transfers online
  • You can submit SIPP applications and transfers online
  • You can’t currently submit Junior ISA, trust, charity or corporate account applications online (Remember, we have interactive PDFs available which allow you to complete manual applications without needing to print them out)

For more information on whether business can be submitted online please see this document.

If you’re submitting business which has elements that can be done online, and elements that can’t, we recommend doing the online elements first.

What changes are we making to our literature?

We know some of our advisers like to use manual forms to capture client data and, in some cases, client signatures. So we’re keeping the client application, ISA transfer and third party transfer forms available. If you do use the forms in this way, don’t forget to enter the application details online as well, as we’ll no longer accept the manual forms alone for processing. 

We’re archiving the ISA application form as it’s no longer necessary. To open a new ISA, please use the online new business process. To re-subscribe to an existing ISA, after a break in subscriptions, please give us a call or email so we can update the declaration for you.

Need a reminder?

For a refresher on submitting business online, check out these resources:

If you’ve got further questions or you want some help getting to grips with the online processes, our Platform Adoption team will be happy to help you.